Customisable Tokens

Customisable Tokens

Choose from many shapes, sizes and colours and add your own text in a number of fonts!

 Shape Choices (sizes are approximate) 

15mm diameter circle
25mm diameter circle 
30mm diameter circle
40mm diameter circle
50mm diameter circle

Square (25mm)
Rectangle (35mm x 20mm)
Chamfered Rectangle (35mm x 20mm)
Pill (35mm x 20mm)
Triangle (25mm x 21mm)
Heart (25mm x 23mm)
Diamond (25mm x 25m)
Arrow (47mm x 25mm)
Star (28mm x 27mm)
Hexagon (25mm x 22mm)
Crossbones (26mm x 26mm)
Shield (25mm x 25mm)
Cross (25mm x 25mm)
Oval (35mm x 25mm)

Perfect for your in game effects, spells, conditions... anything!

Made from 3mm Perspex.

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