What is the best type of image file to upload for a custom item?
We should be able to use any EPS, jpeg, PNG or CDR file. If you send another file type, your order may be delayed and we will ask for another file. Please ensure they are a black/white image where possible. The black areas will the parts of the image that will be engraved (and on dice, those areas would be paint filled). If your image is too detailed for us to engrave, we will let you know and ask for a more suitable image. Photographs are not suitable to engrave.
Please note that dice can only be filled in one colour.

What is the pricing for larger quantities of dice?
For larger quantities, where the logo is the same across the whole order, the prices are as follows:
15 - 99 dice - £1.00 each
100 - 199 dice - £0.95 each
200 + dice - £0.90 each
These prices are for a batch of dice where the logo on the 6 face is the same across each unit. Colours of dice may be mixed freely.
For orders under 100 dice, please use the webstore to order - only email us with enquiries for larger orders.

Can you customise each face of a D6 or the '1' face?
We order in the dice with the 1-5 pips already molded, so this is something we cannot offer.

Where can I find examples of all of your acrylic colours?

Can I have the pips of custom dice filled in an alternative colour?
We stock dice with the 6 face blank and the 1-5 faces with the pips already molded and filled the colour shown. For smaller orders (less than 50) we can sometimes re fill these pips an alternative colour, at a charge of 30p per dice. (This depends on our current work load as it is time consuming) Please email us at counterattackbases@gmail.com to discuss further. 

I have messaged you on social media and not heard back. Why?
We do not use social media to answer enquiries. 

What is the turnaround time for orders?
For orders made on the website, we always aim to post out within 1 week.
Custom orders can vary greatly and will depend on size of order, stock and how much other work is queued at the time. We can only take on so many orders at a time and are taken on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a deadline, please order as far in advance as possible.
Emails will also be answered as we clear existing orders - I simply don't have enough working hours to respond to all enquiries immediately.

I have a custom project, do you accept this type of work?
We do in a lot of cases, yes. It will depend on how busy we are. Please contact us with your full job details and we will get back to you!

Thank you for reading these FAQs. It greatly helps!