Victorian Horror M3E General Token Set

Victorian Horror M3E General Token Set

This set of tokens is perfect for use in your games of 3rd edition Malifaux!


6 Scheme Markers (30mm) - Choice of colour
6 Strategy Markers (30mm) - Choice of image/colour
6 Corpse Markers (30mm) - Frost Red
6 Scrap Markers (30mm) - Frost Dark Grey
2 Blast Markers (50mm) - Frost Red
4 Positive Flip Markers (15mm) - Frost Apple Green
4 Negative Flip Markers (15mm) - Frost Orange
10 Activated Markers (15mm) - Frost Apple Green
7 Soulstone Markers (15mm) - Choice of colour

A total of 51 tokens!

Made from 3mm Perspex in the colours listed above.

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