Custom Dice. 16mm D6 with image on the 6 face. OPAQUE COLOURS

Custom Dice. 16mm D6 with image on the 6 face. OPAQUE COLOURS


Orders made where the quantity is lower may be cancelled. So for example, you wish to order 40 dice - 15 with image A and 25 with image B - that would be fine. This is due to the set up time for each image. Thank you.

*For larger quantities we can offer lower prices (see the FAQ page) - please email us with your requirements.*

We can engrave your image or logo onto the 6 face of 16mm D6's! Simply order the dice here and upload the image - an EPS or high quality jpeg file is perfect - and we'll do the rest. 
(If ordering multiple colours, please name the image files the relevant dice colour. We have added a text bar for you give a brief description of the image that is to go on the dice)

We have a fast turnaround time (manufacturing time of approximately one to two weeks) and a good selection of different coloured dice. Please note that the prices are for dice where all have the same image and the pips are the stated colour. They can however, be in a combination of different colours. The engraved image will be filled the same colour as the pips.

Colours available:

Blue with white pips
Red with white pips 
White with black pips
Black with white pips
Light Orange with white pips
Green with white pips
Yellow with black pips
Purple with white pips

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