Want customised dice? Don't want to order 100's 0r 1000's? We specilaise in smaller orders!

Any image or logo can be reproduced and engraved onto the '6' face - we just need an image file (preferably an EPS but we can work with jpegs/pngs)

Currently we have 6 'pearl' colours available - Black, Blue, Green, Purple and Red with gold spots and White with black spots. Also we have the standard white D6 with black spots and black dice with white spots. Your image will be filled with cellulose paint the same colour as the spots unless requested otherwise. Please note that we buy in the dice with the pips pre engraved and ore filled.  All dice are 16mm cubes.

We strive for a quick turnaround and can replicate and engrave almost ANY two tone logo or image.

Prices depend on quantity ordered.

15 - 60 dice - £1.00 each

61 - 150 dice - £0.95 each

151 - 300 dice - £0.85 each

301+ dice  - £0.75 each

(These prices are for repeat images and the same colour as the spots. Mulitple colours of dice can be included in a batch as long as the image is the same across them all.)

Please email us at with your image files and to order.

counter attack bases custom dice