14th  - 23rd August 2017 - Holiday

I will be away between these dates but I will keep the shop open. Please be aware that orders placed during this period will not be produced until I am home. I will still reply to emails when I have WiFi which, at present, I am not too sure how often that will be.

Thank you all for your custom and understanding!

40K Tokens, Combat Gauge and Damage Dials - available now!

Check out our new products suitable for 40K. We have token sets, a new combat gauge and new damage trackers. We have also recently added some cool dual coloured tokens for Shadow War. Find them in the new products or 'Suitable for 40K and Shadow War' category!

2nd June 2017

Our new releases this week are World's Finest and AK Campaign counter sets for Superhero Skirmish (Batman) and new choices for action counters for Superhero Smash (DC).

APRIL 2017

Please check our new postage rates on our shipping info page, including the new options for recorded delivery around the world.

MARCH 2017

While we are incredibly busy at the moment it doesn't mean that we aren't designing new stuff...

UPDATE - Our 'Superhero Smash' and AoS ranges have been updated with some new products - a spray template, illumination gauge and sewer and street lamp markers for the superheroes and more Trait and Artefact sets for the warriors of change alliances in AoS.


We have just added Superhero Skirmish Condition Quadrants to our ever increasing range of products. These combine our older conditions set with some updated images and effects with our unique, copywritten quadrant design from our Mob-Ball range, so these markers are easy to see and place/remove from the table! Check out the entire Superhero Skirmish range or browse our New Products in the tab above.


Minimum order - just 15 dice. Any logo, image or text!

We also supply customised perspex trophies. Check out the categories on the left for details.

Below is a colour guide - all the colours we currently have available in perspex.

As you can see we have lots of options to choose from!

Far right bottom row is our Alderwood.

counter attack bases colours


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