Counter Attack Bases supply a wide range of tokens, measuring tools, templates, wound and score trackers, scenery and much more for your gaming needs.

We supply custom D6's with your image on the 6 face and produce custom trophies and wooden spoons for any event - gaming or otherwise!

AoS Underworlds token set - available now!

We have just released our range of tokens suitable for use in games of Shadespire.

OCTOBER 2017 - price reviews and updates!

Some huge news....We have gone through all of our products and adjusted the prices on most of them - all coming DOWN in price! (some of them very significantly)

The reason for this is, despite plastic prices going up, our new laser machine is much faster than when some of the items were originally priced. The biggest savings are found in our Victorian Horror (suitable for Malifaux), Steampunk Combat (suitable for Warmachine/Hordes) and Star-Ship War Games (suitable for X-Wing) ranges, but many other things have had their prices lowered too.

In addition to this, all products have been updated to include all of our available Perspex colours. While we have had a large range of colours for a while now, some of the older products didn't have the option to choose some of the more recent additions. That has been rectified. If you see any other products that you think might need updating then please, let us know. A big thank you to those of you who have helped already!

With some of the games we make products for getting an overhaul this year (40K, AoS, Batman Miniatures Game) we are constantly adding or redigning products for these ranges, as well as adding new ranges - so always keep checking back to see what we are up to.

We have Facebook, Instragram and Twitter accounts where you can find the latest news and photos of recent work or new products.

Our products we have on this site are not the be all and end all either. We are very happy to discuss any custom jobs you may have, whatever the size, and will always listen to any suggestions anyone has about new products or additions to current ranges - please email us at if you would like to get in touch!


Our 16mm D6 can have your logo engraved on the 6 face - Minimum order is just 15 dice. Any logo or text!

We also supply customised perspex trophies. Check out the categories on the left for details.

Below is a colour guide - all the colours we currently have available in perspex.

As you can see we have lots of options to choose from!

Far right bottom row is our Alderwood.

counter attack bases colours


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